À la carte services to enrich your coaching experience

Food matters

Pantry Makeover

We’ll sort through your pantry, fridge and freezer and rid them of any items doing more harm than good when it comes to your food goals. Then we’ll sit down and make a list of items to restock your kitchen to help set you up for success. Hate wasting food? I do too, so I’ll even donate any unused food to your local food bank.

1-3 hours

Grocery Store Tour / Farmers Market Tour

Let's begin by making a shopping list including everything you’ll need for a week of simple, practical and delicious eats. Then we’ll head to your favorite grocery store or farmers market to shop together and explore new ways to make better choices in the real world.

1-2 hours

Kitchen Tool Audit

What are the essential kitchen tools and small appliances you need to make healthy food prep easy and hassle-free? We’ll take a fresh look at your kitchen— from knives to plastic storage to small appliances and more—to determine what should stay and to identify missing items that could make your life easier.

Don’t want to spend days running around town purchasing new tools? Let me do the shopping for you. I’ll select the best supplies for your needs based on years of food prep experience and deliver to you so that you can begin using them right away.

1-3 hours

VIP Day Package:
Pantry Makeover + Kitchen Tool Audit + Grocery Store Tour

Jumpstart your healthy living lifestyle with this smart combination of add-on services.

3-6 hours

Food Prep Session

This flexible add-on service helps you learn to tackle meal prep with ease and discover ways to be more efficient in the kitchen. The ability to prepare food for yourself is a valuable life skill. Together in your kitchen, we can:
  • Teach you the basics of cooking
  • Prep a week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, snacks or dinners
  • Make a recipe from start to finish
  • Prepare all of your raw ingredients to use throughout the week
  • Stock your freezer with ready-to-eat meals, soups and chilis for busy weeknights
  • Discover fresh ways to use up those miscellaneous items in your pantry or freezer
  • And more
1-3 hours

Grocery Assist

Avoid the hassle of grocery shopping and unlimited temptations with Grocery Assist. I’ll help you make a shopping list then hand-select everything you need for the week and deliver it to your home with care. Need help prepping your nourishing meals once your ingredients have made it home? Select a Food Prep Session for a convenient solution.

0 hours of your time

Entertaining Advising

Do you enjoy entertaining in your home but don’t want to derail your progress? 

We’ll review your go-to menu together, and I’ll help you design an elegant, balanced spread your guests will love. We’ll explore creative and fun ways to serve nourishing food without sacrificing flavor or presentation. Whether it’s brunch, afternoon coffee, appetizers or a multi-course dinner, we’ll work together to select dishes and drinks that support your healthy living goals. Pair with Grocery Assist or a Food Prep Session for a carefree get-together in your home.

Entertaining a larger crowd? I’ll work with your favorite caterer to develop a menu you can feel good about. 

1-2 hours

Smoothie Social

Invite a few friends over for a smoothie-making party!

It’s a fun, easy way to share healthy living inspiration with those you care about. I’ll share the basics of how to design the perfect smoothie while we blend up some of my favorite smoothie recipes. I’ll provide the equipment and all of the ingredients for this hands-on, interactive experience. Ask me about optional parting gifts to surprise and impress your guests.

1 hour

Salad Bar or Buffet Meetup

Salad bars and hot food buffets can be a convenient option for making healthy choices, but it’s easy to load up on tempting foods that weigh you down. 

How do you build a meal you can feel great about? We’ll meet at Whole Foods or your favorite buffet, and I’ll share my top strategies for making good choices. Then together we’ll mindfully assemble a meal that’s satisfying without overdoing it. Pair it with your one-on-one coaching session for added benefit.

1 hour

Get moving

Group Class Companion

Sometimes walking into the cycle class or yoga studio by yourself can be uncomfortable. But talking yourself out of a workout can be oh-so-easy. So let’s make it a date. I’ll be your companion at a group exercise class of your choice—Barre, Step, Cycle, Zumba, Yoga—you name it, I’m game for it. Trying out new class formats is a great way to add variety to your workout routine and meet like-minded people to keep you going back for more. Ask me about multi-class packages and recurring appointments. 

1-2 hours

Walk or Hike Buddy

Lace up those shoes because the fresh air and sunshine await! Whether it’s a walk around your neighborhood or light hiking through one of North Texas’ amazing outdoor trails, we’ll get moving together for a fun escape from indoor life. Recurring appointments available. 

1-4 hours

Private Stretch/Yoga Session

Improve your flexibility while relieving stress through a private stretch/yoga session in your home or at your gym. We’ll explore a variety of movements, poses and foamrolling techniques tailored specifically to your body and ability. Recurring appointments available.

30-90 minutes

Weight Training Basics

Resistance exercise is a key component of any exercise regimen. I’ll show you safe, effective and efficient ways to build strength and stability through weight training tailored to your body.

1-2 hours

Intro to Cycling Package

Includes Alyssa’s husband, Gerald, who has 20+ years and tens of thousands of miles of biking experience.

What kind of bike is best for you -- road, mountain, commuter, hybrid, other? How do you set it up for the perfect fit, and which brand of gear and clothes are best? We’ll talk through your cycling goals, then meet at a local bike shop to try out a few different bikes. We’ll help you shop for all of the accessories, from helmets to gloves, clothing, water bottles and more. Once you’ve purchased your bike, we’ll ensure the bike fit is optimized for your body and connect you with local beginner group rides.

2+ hours

Guided Bike Ride

Itching to go for a ride but not sure where to begin? Unsure about biking etiquette, terminology and safety practices? We’ll design a route perfect for your biking ability and accompany you every inch of the way as a great introduction to the wonderful world of cycling. Bike shuttle service available.

1-4 hours

Shoe Fitting

Are you serious about investing in good running or walking shoes but are a little intimidated by the running shoe store? Let’s go together and help you select a fresh pair of sneaks, some comfy socks and everything you need to level up your walking or running game.

1-2 hours

Gear Concierge

Do you want to dive into yoga, weightlifting or another exercise format but don’t know what essential gear you’ll need to get started on Day One? As a lifelong exerciser, I’ve identified some key tools and gear I can’t live without. I’ll gather up everything you need, and bring options directly to your home so that you can select exactly what will work best for you.

1-2 hours

Beat stress

Private Guided Meditations

Conducted in person, by phone or Skype, I’ll guide you through meditation sessions personalized to serve you and support your progress. We can record the meditations so that you can revisit them on your own later.

1-30 minutes
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